What We Know And Don’t Know About New York and New Jersey Explosions

Last week, the nation was shocked to learn about multiple bombing attempts that took place between September 17 and September 18. Fortunately, no one was killed in the bombs, but several people were harmed in this concerning terrorist attack. At first there were a lot of confusing and conflicting rumors surrounding the New York and New Jersey bombings, but after detailed investigation by the police and FBI, we are finally starting to get a clearer picture of what took place. Here is all of the information we have learned about the bombings so far.


Things We Know About the Bombings


Law enforcement individuals involved in the bombings have been very open and honest throughout their investigation. Therefore, we already know quite a few facts about what took place before, during, and after the explosions.

  • 1. The Damage Done
  • At the time of the bombings, you may have heard many rumors about high death counts. Fortunately, this did not actually happen. Though 31 people were injured in the first explosion, most of them just received minor cuts, and all were released from the hospital shortly. The rest of the bombs were discovered before they exploded, so no one else was injured.
  • 2. The Bomber’s Identity
  • The police quickly realized that Ahmad Khan Rahami seemed to be involved due to a fingerprint found. After a shootout in Linden, New Jersey, which killed no one, Rahami was taken into custody and is being charged with several crimes. His bail is currently set at $5.2 million
  • 3. The Bomber’s Motivations
  • When the press learned that the suspect was of Afghan descent, there was a lot of speculation that the attack was a terrorist attack. Investigators have confirmed that they recovered a notebook from Rahami that mentioned killing unbelievers, the Boston Bombing, and the name of a cleric who recruits for al-Qaeda. At one point in 2014, the FBI was also notified by Rahami’s father that he was concerned Rahami had been radicalized. All of this evidence hints that there were at least some radical terrorist motivations behind the attack.

Still Unknown Facts About the Bombings


We may know quite a bit about the New York and New Jersey bombings, but there are still some facts that have not been revealed yet.

  • 1. Did Rahami Have Help?
  • Of course the most immediate concern for investigators is still figuring out whether Rahami acted alone or if he had any help from any individuals or local terrorist cells. There is not really any evidence suggesting that Rahami was working with any terrorist cells, but bomb technicians have raised some concerns that they do not think Rahami could have been able to build such efficient bombs by themselves.
  • 2. Was Rahami Radicalized or Unstable?
  • Since he visited Pakistan frequently, it is possible that Rahami was radicalized by the Islamic State, who targets young immigrants with their propaganda. However, it is possible that he just chose to commit a terrorist act due to personal mental instability.
  • 3. Were the Bombings Connected to Minnesota Stabbings?
  • The bombings occurred during roughly the same time period as a mass-stabbing incident in Minnesota that was claimed by IS. So far, law enforcement has not been able to learn if the two events are connected.

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